Race Engine and Transmission Mount System for Wildcat 2018-2020 XX and Tracker XTR

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Race Engine and Transmission Mount System

Worried about your Wildcat XX or Tracker XTR transmission and engine mounts ripping, moving so much that your trans hits the skid plate or lets it move throwing off your axle alignment? Our laser cut and tig welded engine and trans mounts are a hybrid between a OEM rubber mount and a fully solid mount. We’re not fans of a 100% rigid mounting system so we developed a OEM replacement transmission mount that utilizes a high density polyurethane bushing set that is also rebuildable should the need arise. Our engine mount is the same polyurethane concept as the trans mount with the addition of a retainer cap to keep the powertrain located properly.

 Tested on a stock 2020 XX and fully built XX racecar

 Best suited for a racing application or those who ride their recreational SXS’s hard and looking for pure performance. Billet light weight aluminum option under development. Depending on passenger side seating arrangement a slight increase in vibration may be felt over OEM mounts.  


Includes 2 Engine Mounts and 2 Transmission Mounts

Made in Sparks, NV USA

Ships Bare Steel


**Please note that powder coated engine mounts will require a 2 week lead time